We all have phone numbers and extensions that are used on a daily basis such as interoffice extensions (maybe for a department maybe: billing or sales…) and outside phone numbers. This is where custom buttons can be really handy. Custom buttons are programmable so that with one touch an action can take place, this could include calling: toll-free numbers, outside local or long distance numbers and intersystem calls via 4 digit dialing. Use these custom buttons to help you work smarter not harder.

What phones can do this?
All of the Yealink Phones have these buttons on board; they are located along the right hand side of the device. See the example below.

Most of the Polycom Phones can be outfitted with a Sidecar that provides more buttons and labels for these buttons. See the example below.

How do I get these programed on my system?
To set these up contact Support@nwvox.com or if you want a phone that has these upgrades send an email to Sales@nwvox.com