One of the many advantages of your NWVOX phone system is that it is flexible. You can move the phones to any location you desire! This could be at home, on the road at a hotel or a new office location. As long as you have a direct Internet connection to plug in the phone, it can make calls!

If you are moving to a new permanent location please tell us the address, so that we can make your enhanced 911 locations correct in the system. Just so you know, while the phone is unplug for the move the system is still working, calls can be forwarded to another phone, a cell phone or just be sent to voicemail. Also no matter how far apart your phones are they are still on the same system, so if you have one phone at home and one phone at the office your still have the same functionality as if you were in the same building.


Talk to support about any moves you would like to make! Please send an Email to