Do you have a list of contacts that you need to send a message to in mass?
Than, NWVOX Broadcast Solutions just might be the answer. Maybe your sending: notifications, invites, updates or some other message. Whatever your need to communicate is, our broadcast service makes it fast and easy.

Our Broadcast capabilities include: 

Fax Broadcast – you can send the same fax to everyone on your list

Voice Message Broadcast – this will call everyone on your list and play any recorded content you want.

Interactive Broadcast – this adds the ability to play a message and it allows callers who pick up to be routed to a live person or an auto attendant (press 1 for X person or 2 for Y department).

Setting up your NWVOX broadcast is simple:

  1. Build & send us an Excel spreadsheet of the contacts phone or fax numbers.
  2. Send us the fax or the prerecorded message and the date and time you want the broadcast to go out.

That’s it and it is that easy!

If this is something you are interested in a test drive in your organization contact